Looking good doesn't have to be difficult-Two must have dresses for you

We all love casual outfits. Nothing beats putting minimal effort into dressing up, and feeling comfortable at the same time. But sometimes, even the laziest dresser in the world still has to throw on a dress, every once in a while. This is because there will always be wedding parties to go to, and classy shindigs to attend.

And for each of them, we have to bring on our "A" game, when it comes to dressing and accessorizing. Although, there is no written law or commandment concerning it. However, looking chic is an unspoken necessity. Sometimes, we just have to look impressively good.

So, whether you're a first time "gown-er", or even just a regular sucker for dresses, we have carefully handpicked these two gorgeous outfits to get you started off on your makeover for the day

  • The Megan Printed Satin Dress.

If you must wear a dress, then it should be a satin dress. Why? This is because satin fabrics are normally smooth and slippery, which makes them comfortable to wear. Also, they rest easy on your skin and complement your body shape.

 When you compare this trait to other not-so-flexible fabric textures, you start to see why they're the better choice.Take this printed satin midi dress, for example; It doesn't exactly scream "I'm expensive!", does it? But that's one of the many reasons why you should have it in your wardrobe.

Most times, we think the more expensive a dress is, the classier it'll make us look. Unfortunately, the money doesn't speak for the dress. Its design does. Once a dress lacks that important factor of having a good design, then you might as well trash it. After all, simplicity is key to true elegance.

  • Asiyami Two-tone Silk Satin Gown.

If you were asked to pick between a satin or silk dress, you'd probably be forced to choose one. But what you could have both? This two-toned silk-satin gown possesses both blends of silk and satin. The more intriguing aspect of its design is that it's free.

This is why it's especially perfect for both skinny and plus sized women. So, whether you want to hide a baby bump, or sneak out a huge watermelon from your mother's kitchen, it's got the perfect room to breathe. Some women are under the illusion that the tighter the clothes, the more attractive they will look.

 But first, you will have to be able to breath first, otherwise you'd just look constipated and suffocated. Now, that is not a good look on anyone. Bigger clothes are attractive especially when you pair them with the right accessories.

More importantly, you should always have that one dress that fits all occasions. It seems almost impossible to find such a dress, but they actually do exist.

 Fortunately, with these 2 dresses in your wardrobe, you will always look adorable, no matter the season. They are just right for all weather conditions. 

Who says you have to break all your bones to look good?

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