5 fashion tips every woman should try

We are always learning. Everyday, we brush paths with new knowledge that affects us, either negatively or positively.

The fashion aspects of our lives are packed with them, and they are essential because they stop us from embarrassing ourselves in public. That's why we've compressed those lessons into 5 tips to keep you fashionably on track:

  • Learn how to match colours.

No one likes a colour rioter. They make us cringe. Unfortunately, a lot of women are victims to this bad habit.The bright side of the situation is that it can be helped. Pairing colors is not rocket science. You could even do it with your eyes shut. Though, we don't advise this.

The trick is to begin with one vibrantly coloured piece of clothing, and then complement it with a neutral tone. This cheat code works effectively for two-piece outfits.

Take this outfit ensemble featuring one of our favourite ankara mix 'n' match shirts, for example; It goes well with almost any jean colour you choose, and screams "elegance", without you going all out with colour tones.

  • Shop for YOU.

Don't buy clothes because they're trending or because other people are wearing them. You might end up looking funny, once you put them on.The best option would be to seek the advise of confident "self-shoppers".

 These people could be your friends or mall assistants. Basically, someone who has fair knowledge of clothes, enough to not commit a major fashion crime.They should guide you on what fits your body structure, what patterns to avoid, and the best places to get clothes for prices that work with your budget. Our leaf organza top and wrapper set is one place to start.

  • Be smart about baggy clothes.

Yes, they're comfy, but they can also make you look like a giant airbag. Not all baggy clothes can convey simplicity and elegance together in one fabric. See this two-toned, silk-satin gown, for reference. It's assembled to make anyone look good, and it's not even close to fitted. So, if not worn properly, baggy outfits can mess up your entire look.

  • Do your bra research.

If you're going to wear a strapless gown, use a strapless bra. Although, you might hate them, this is just so that your finished look is clean and moderate. In general, know your bra. They might be inside your clothes, but just a simple thing as their straps can go a long way in making you look raggedy.

  • Make a time capsule out of your wardrobe.

Spruce up your wardrobe by gracing it with different mixtures of clothes. From clothes that make you look all "wow", to just simply clothes that make you casually chic. The idea is to make sure that for every time, place or occasion, you're always ready for anything.

Because these tips can seem like a lot to deal with. See it as a game, that should make it more fun for you and in no time, you'll be a fashion guru before you know it.

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