Shapes & Colors is a Nigerian-owned fashion brand hinged on African values. Our aim, which is to empower women and children beyond Africa, is gradually being achieved as we build a socially conscious African brand that transcends international borders.
What we Do
As a quintessential  African brand, Shapes & Colors is a line of timeless and effortless sophistication. We take pride in creating beautifully tailored, stylish and functional clothes that flatters the female silhouette.
How we are creating change
We are passionate about the African child and we show this through our support of projects, NGOs and initiatives that create sustainable livelihood and education for them. Shapes & Colors is also committed to raising awareness to the plight of every vulnerable child in developing countries.
How you make an Impact
Every time you make a product purchase or use any of our services, a vulnerable child receives the help needed to live a better life. Furthermore, you will also be lending a helping hand to drive social change and bring awareness to the plight of the vulnerable African child.
Over the past couple of years, we have been able to provide outfits to children in orphanges. We also support Beyond The Classroom Foundation with monthly donations to support Vulnerable children in two internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Abuja, Nigeria.