Glam up with these statement accessories

Accessorizing plays a huge role in putting together outfits. Sometimes, you can put very minimal effort into dressing up, or even wear the exact same outfit twice in a row. But just by combining different types of accessories, you will look totally different, each and every one of those times.

 It's sort of a "copy and paste, with a little tweaking" method that you are allowed to use in cheating the fashion game. These accessories come in different kinds, from the hooped earrings you wear, to the colourful beads and bags, as well as the shoes you put on.

 Also, it's like a side mission in a video game. The main objective is to match up clothes, while the side missions are to accessorize properly.

 That being said, we've arranged these killer accessorizing combos to skyrocket your style to the moon:

  •  Bucket bags.


This is one bag that looks just as its name promises, and is trending right now, in 2020. It has the capacity to hold all your makeup, bubblegum, your phone, and so much more. What's even better is that it is lightweight and your shoulder will thank you for choosing it, at the end of the day.

 You can pair this fetching accessory with a dress or with a two-piece ensemble. For example, this leaf organza inspired outfit.

Just make sure it's the right colour match!

  • Strappy sandals.

We love strappy sandals because they make our feet look extra slender and beautiful. Also, because they flatter almost any outfit we can think to put on, even if it's a corporate outfit, just like our floral emblazoned Brocade jacket and trouser set. All you need to do is employ an inner camisole or top to finish off the look and make it work.

  • Clutches, clutches, clutches.

This is another one of those accessories we just can't afford to be without in 2020. And there's a good reason for that. It is because they are timeless must-haves for almost every event and outfit.

So, whether you're wearing pants or a dress, there are more than one ways to hold a clutch. Some clutches even come with their own attachable straps which you can hang over your shoulder. Our satin wrap top and skirt combo will, no doubt, be a perfect match for this accessory.

  •  Wide waist belts.

These corset looking waist belts can give you a trim figure, or rather, make your waist look very slim and highly attractive. So, don't worry. If you've been feeling insecure about your size, lately, then this accessory will hold you and your confidence together at the hips. And you can wear them with so many things, from a dress to a skirt. We think our simple off-shoulder dress will match perfectly with one of these belts.

 To cap it all, these are but a few of the accessories out there that caught our eyes in 2020. But they're definitely in our top 4 and each one of them totally deserves the spot.


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